We offer broad experience in specialized legal advice and legal defense in Commercial and Corporate Law, Civil Liability, Construction Law, Property Law, Banking Contracts, Consumer Law, Family and Inheritance Law .

Our law firm Already includes the second generation of lawyers . We can just thus extend the legal services for our clients in the sphere of New Technologies Law, providing a legal response to the juridical Challenges raised by the information and communication society.

Property and Urban Development Operations

Legal advice, proceedings, management, administration, legal and judicial representation, negotiation, contracting, mediation, promotion, enquiries, studies and reports on all kinds of property and urban development operations, and concerning dossiers on housing, social housing, expropriations, leases or any other kind.

Advice on tourism and property uses.

Claims for construction defects and/or breach of contract arising from any kind of property operation.

Mortgage and registration operations necessary and/or convenient for the correct completion of projects.

Marriage and Family Law

Legal advice, negotiation and mediation concerning family, couple or parent-child relationships. Resolution of disputes within the family by mutual agreement between the parties and the institution of the necessary legal action to obtain a juridical response to marital disputes.

Inheritance Law

Enquiries, proceedings, negotiation and legal claims for inheritance, relatives’ rights and other inheritance rights, including the fiscal and tax aspect.

Administrative Law

Analysis of the action of the public administrations in relation to administrative licences, town planning, compulsory expropriations, contracting. Legal advice on the intervention of citizens.

Banking Law

Defence and representation of those affected by financial products marketed by banking institutions such as preference shares, subordinated debentures, SWAPs, bonds and other high-risk products.

Negotiation and judicial claim, if appropriate, for abusive and restrictive clauses concerning products with a mortgage guarantee or other loan formulae.
Credit operations in which loans or credits are granted with personal or collateral guarantee, in both business and other transactions.

Commercial Law

Business operations for acquisition, sale, transmission, lease, transfer of securities, rights, shares or any other kind of movable and immovable property, carried out by both individuals and legal entities.

Prior advice for all fiscal or financial aspects of property management or administration.

Consumer Law

Procedural representation, mediation and defence of consumer rights and guarantees in any legal area.


Legal and juridical advice, proceedings, management, administration, legal and judicial representation, negotiation, contracting, mediation, promotion, enquiries, legal studies and reports on environment, water and energy aspects. Concerning the regulations governing this sphere, and any other regulatory or legal aspect linked to the relations of the new global economy.

New technologies

Adaptation to the legal and regulatory framework of the Information and Communication Society (ICT) and to the new requirements of a globalized, digital economy.


Compensation claims arising from any kind of civil liability, including an assessment of the case and the diagnosis of possibilities of success with the intervention of medical advisors.

Pre-court negotiation with the person responsible for the damage and their insurance company.

Choice of the most appropriate procedural process for the institution of legal action in claims for moral, personal and property damages.

Rights of persons with a disability

Advice for the family of persons with intellectual disability.

Disability, inheritance planning, wills, guardianship, curatorship, protected assets and judicial proceedings for any issue concerning the third sector.